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Tuesday February 28, 2017 — Burbank Primary Election, All Mail Ballot
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City of BurbankCandidate for City Council

Photo of Konstantine Anthony

Konstantine Anthony

Social Media Manager
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Burbank-style Rent Control: By making rental prices more competitive for middle-class residents in Burbank, renters will have more money to spend. This will boost the city's economy and stimulate the growth of new jobs.
  • Homelessness: We must build a homeless shelter and create a system to help solve the intersectional crises of mental illness, drug addiction, and rampant poverty. We can create a more inclusive society and a healthier, more fortunate Burbank.
  • Community Policing: We need to incentivize the City of Burbank to hire police officers from within our community and to encourage current officers to live closer to the city they serve.



Profession:Social Media Manager
Property Manager, Various (2012–current)


San Francisco State University Cinema Studies (2004)

Community Activities

Teacher/Manager, CSz Worldwide (2001–current)
Activist, Autism Self Advocacy Network Los Angeles (2015–current)
Community Manager/Content Curator, Disability Action for America (2016–current)
Teacher of "Improv for Autism", The Second City, Inc. (2015–2016)


For the past year, I have been a community manager and content curator for Disability Action for America (formerly Disability Action for Hillary). For the last few years, I have been an active member of the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), joining protests and marches to bring awareness and reduce stigma about mental health and autism rights.

I studied film and television at San Francisco State, which had more than half of its students commute in from per an hour away. The campus was a small-scale melting pot of students from all demographics and all walks of life. To me, it was an eye-opening experience that taught me more about people and society than any books or professors ever could.

For 15 years, I have been a performer, teacher, and manager for ComedySportz, an improv theater company with 30 locations nationwide. My experience with this company has allowed me to travel to many different states and interact with citizens from a myriad of different cities and backgrounds all across our country. It has given me a rare opportunity to see how people live and work outside of my sphere. Being committed to a single organization for such a long time, I have become accustomed to working with the good and the bad changes and not letting disappointment cloud or dissuade my efforts.

As a ride-share operator, I have seen first-hand an increase in the number of carpool users and a maximized use of clean-air vehicles. I am currently in talks with these rideshare companies to get involved at the city level and revamp the Burbank bus system, in hopes of lowering the total number of cars owned and increasing total bus ridership.

My years of experience in property management and lease negotiation makes me uniquely qualified to tackle Burbank’s rising housing costs, which in turn adversely affect local businesses run by local citizens. Property owners who are out of touch with the local economy tend to make uninformed investments and expansions. My goal is to keep the informational power in the hands of thriving local small businesses.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party
  • Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley
  • Burbank Democratic Club

Individuals (1)

  • Michael DiVirgilio, Mayor, Hermosa Beach (ret)

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I'm running because Burbank is a vibrant city mired in old thinking. I firmly believe that a new voice needs to be heard in Burbank. Many large projects and expansions are underway or soon to be underway in the city, and my concern is that growth without oversight would do much to harm working families and the environment and compromise liberal values. I want to be an agent of change for the betterment of Burbank. 

Position Papers

Homelessness in Burbank


My strategy to alleviate homelessness in our city

My comprehensive strategy to alleviate the homelessness in Burbank is not only for the benefit of those in need but also for the city in general. When prospective buyers see a rising homeless population in their potential neighborhood, they’re hesitant to invest in our city. By helping those at the bottom get a leg up, we create a more inclusive society and a healthier, more fortunate Burbank. We also have a growing population of Burbank citizens who are unable to find affordable housing through no fault of their own. For all these reasons and more, we need to build a shelter and create a system where we are solving the intersectional crises of mental illness, drug addiction, and rampant poverty.

Affordable Rents in Burbank


People who work in Burbank should be able to live in Burbank.

I want to make housing more affordable in Burbank. By making rental prices more competitive in this city overall, it will encourage more people to move here with more money in their pockets to spend here. This will boost the economy of Burbank and stimulate the growth of new jobs in this city. New housing and new jobs always bring more tax revenue, but I’m also seeking to add a 0.25% housing tax on all rental properties in the city of Burbank to generate a large influx of city revenue, enforce housing regulations, and combat the aggressive corporate price-gouging against working-class families. Large-scale developments and high-priced housing bring much-needed housing and jobs to Burbank but do not benefit the middle class – the backbone of any suburban city with a small-town legacy. As council member, I will work with any developers who want to build in Burbank as long as they seek to build affordable housing, add well-paying jobs, are pro-union, pro-environment, and seek to reinvest their profits back into the city.

Videos (5)

— February 6, 2017 Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council

Recording of the Town Hall meeting that took place on Wednesday, February 1, at Romancing the Bean on Magnolia Blvd in Burbank.

Discussion includes: the rental crisis in Burbank, development, overdevelopment, homelessness, and transparency & collaboration between the city government and the people it represents.

— February 6, 2017 Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council 2017

A more in-depth look at my plan to solve the rental crisis in Burbank.

— February 6, 2017 Mike Moynahan & Roy Wiegand, Save Burbank Neighborhoods

Mike and Roy ask the candidates questions submitted by members of Save Burbank Neighborhoods. Topics include why Burbank is such a great place to live and why that is under threat, the BHA's misappropriation of $50,000 to campaign for Measure B, the current city council's over-reliance on city staff and much more.

— February 6, 2017 Burbank On Demand: Burbank City Council Meeting 12-20-2016

Homelessness is deeply personal to me, and I will never stop fighting for those in need.

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