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Tuesday June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 30

Photo of A. "Raji" Rab

A. "Raji" Rab

8,847 votes (5.8%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Strengthen friendly international relations, while strictly enforcing nuclear nonproliferation & defeating terrorism.
  • Incentives for job creation, remove burdensome regulations, remove harsh penalties.
  • Reduce student debt by interest free loans, reduce federal debt , ease healthcare, and help expedite process for Medi-Cal, Medicare and Social Security.



My name is Raji Rab. I am seeking your vote for the 2016 Congressional Election in California's 30th District, to bring a much awaited relief to struggling communities. I am a seasoned aviator, an educator and an entrepreneur, but above all, I am a humanitarian. Professionally at the age of 18, I got my commercial pilot license from Laverne California, owned a flight school, an airline and operated a computer infrastructure facility. Personally, I have served a lifetime, finding happiness in helping people without any compensation, which I believe is the best natural qualification to run for any political office. With the last 16 years of my life fully dedicated to helping diversified communities, I collectively cherish an eventful experience of over 35 years, possessing a sharp judgment of a security conscious aviator with innovative approach of a modern computer age operative. 

Questions & Answers

Questions from The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Counts, a public media collaboration. (4)

Should immigration laws be changed?  What changes would you support?  Please explain why.
Answer from A. "Raji" Rab:

United States has always been a land of opportunity and a beacon of hope for people all over the world seeking refuge, America’s greatness, and in return enriching us with brightest cultures and regions. I will therefore uphold the great American legacy and introduce immigration laws to remove bureaucratic delays and expedite process for those waiting since years to join family members here.  Allow full protection under U.S. refugee and asylum laws to all those facing a legitimate fear of persecution abroad. Introduce strict laws to stop criminal elements from entering our homeland. While strengthening due process of immigration process, provide all undocumented immigrants already here to include them in the finger printing record and humanitarian aid to lead a peaceful life and to share duties and responsibilities of a healthy society. 

The political climate in Washington, D.C. has been extremely partisan in recent years. In that kind of atmosphere, what would you do to get things done while in office?
Answer from A. "Raji" Rab:

The political climate in Washington, D.C. has been extremely partisan. In this situation only a completely fresh change can change things. Same old is the part and parcel of the stale partisan culture. I am the fresh change and I will bring the necessary change with the full support and participation of the people. I have no years old commitments, no past arrangement, no deals to keep. My loyalty will remain in public interest forever.   

What, if anything, does the U.S. need to do in order to address national security and terrorism? Please explain your answer in detail.
Answer from A. "Raji" Rab:

In order to address and resolve national security and terrorism issues it is necessary to change our approach first to develop real and strong friendly international relations that are dependable to work collectively to jointly fight terrorism and crime against humanity. 

The Federal Government plays a part in California water allocation and use through a variety of laws.  What, if any, legislation would you support in an effort to handle water shortages caused by the current and any future drought?
Answer from A. "Raji" Rab:

Farming and Agriculture use water supply from the Colorado River which goes to the seven river basin states. Colorado River reserves are running low and states including California need the same amount of water from the Colorado River which they always use becoming more than the river can offer. The water rights haven't been reset in the face of the states ever growing population. I would therefore work to introduce helpful water reforms in the wake of the clear and present water shortages and set a fair relief for all.  

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Total money raised: $167,501

Top contributors that gave money to support the candidate, by organization:

Employees of A Rab
Employees of 7-Eleven
Kirpal Enterprises and employees
Employees of Simi Valley Hospital
Employees of Bcg
Employees of Cc Inc.
Employees of Kali Culture
Employees of Sunflower Traiding Co.

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California 100.00%

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Large contributions (98.39%)
Small contributions (1.61%)

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From organizations (1.52%)
From individuals (98.48%)
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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I am a Democrat and I stand strong in support of Democratic Party platform, values and Presidential leadership. I support peace, justice and dignity for all. I stand to compete in goodness, fight poverty, protect constitutional rights and secure all people with success, happiness, and prosperity. Being connected to the public is essential to a meaningful leadership and I wish to remain connected with the people. I believe while strictly observing nuclear nonproliferation and defeating terrorism, it is essential for us to have friendly international relations. Clean up starts from home and we need an urgeny clean up of santa sussana nuclear contamination pending since years. Today we may have it all, but we must join the political process and VOTE to partner with our government, partner with our Congress and truly partner with our great country. It is time more than ever to unite above all discriminating factors of race, color, gender and religion, proving to the world that together we stand united as one for all and all for one. Please vote for me and win this 2016 Congressional Election to set a better future for our children, our seniors and for us all. 

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