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Tuesday June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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United States

United States of America — Republican PartyCandidate for President

Photo of John Dowell

John Dowell

Business Owner: Dowell Development Company: (All contact information is on the web site)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Leadership - by example! Spend less of taxpayer money while producing a better result for peace, prosperity and progress in solving our many challenges. See web site.
  • No time or money spent on reelection or political fund raising. Only one term. That is enough for the government to be smaller, more efficient and responsive, with a balanced budget and a stronger economy and military.
  • Major focus on reform: Reform the electoral system, the immigration system, the tax system, the bureaucracy. The details of this will have to be worked out with Congress with the leadership of the President..


Community Activities

Treasurer, First Church of Christ Science, Oceanside, CA (2016–current)
Member, Sierra Club (2010–current)


Work Experience

Strawberry picker – Eastern Washington.

Theater Attendant - Escondido, California

Freight handler – SFO, California

Security – Stanford Linear Accelerator Complex, California

U.S. Marine Cops – See below

Security – San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, California

Logistics Engineer – Military Space Shuttle Program – Vanderberg AFB

Apartment Manager – San Luis Obispo, California

IT Specialist – North County Times Newspaper – Escondido, California

Rental Manager – Boat Rentals of America – Oceanside, California

UAV Pilot – Afghanistan


Retired from the U. S. Marine Corps with just over 20 years service which included service as both enlisted and officer: Served as Commanding Officer of both an Infantry Company and a Reconnaissance Company. Service involved about 10 deployments including 3 trips to Vietnam; Army radar school at Fort Sill, OK; Army Parachute school at Fort Benning, GA; Navy SCUBA school at Subic Bay, Philippines; Red Flag Air Combat at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV; flying as an Aerial Observer with Marine VMO-2 with over 500 hours in OV-10 Bronco Light Attack/Observation planes performing duties such as visual reconnaissance, aerial photography, air/ground co-ordination, control of supporting arms (air, artillery & naval gunfire), operation of FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) observation and targeting system; additional duties as Logistics Officer for the squadron.


Private Pilot with glider rating. I have owned several planes - currently own an Experimental Vans RV-4 high performance aerobatic plane – also used as the DDC Company plane.

Radio Control pilot, currently flying giant scale advanced aerobatic type models with gas engines as well as smaller high performance electric planes, gliders and flying wings.

2 Years working as a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) Pilot - 10 months in Afghanistan supporting U.S. Army Special Forces and coalition forces conducting Operation Enduring Freedom. Employed by Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation.


Currently self-employed as President of the Dowell Development Company (DDC) , managing company owned rental property as well as developing various projects and performing limited general consulting.


High School: Central Valley H.S. at Opportunity Washington and

Strong Vincent H.S. at Erie, Pennsylvania

College: U. of Oregon at Eugene, Oregon and

National University at San Diego, CA. Earned a B.B.A.

Military Schools: Marine Boot Camp; Marine Officers Candidate School; Army Parachute School; Navy Diving School (SCUBA); Marine Electronics School; Army Radar School; Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance School; Marine Aerial Observation School



Residences: Born: Berkeley, California then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma; Long Island, New York; Springfield, Pennsylvania; Oakland, California; Richland, Washington; Opportunity, Washington; Erie, Pennsylvania; San Mateo, Calirornia; Eugene, Oregon; San Diego, California; Camp Pendleton, California; Okinawa, Japan; San Francisco, California; Chu Lai, Vietnam; Barstow, California; San Diego, California; 29 Palms, California; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Camp Pendleton, California; Da Nang, Vietnam; Quantico, Virginia; Sneeds Ferry, North Carolina; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Okinawa, Japan; Subic Bay, Philippines; Da Nang, Vietnam; Camp Pendleton, California; Quantico, Virginia; Camp Pendleton, California; Oceanside Harbor, California; Vandenberg AFB, California; San Luis Obispo, California; Escondido, California; Oceanside, California (for 17 years).

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Policies and goals:


Only one term: I will spend no time or effort on re-election or fund raising.


Vice President: Assistant President. The vice president will be completely involved in the executive process and be ready to take over in my absence (vacation or overseas travel – see military) and when my term is up she would be completely ready to take over if/when elected.

Military: Peace through strength. I will do everything possible to promote development and use of non-lethal weapons while maintaining our superiority of conventional weapons. My priority will be to capture not kill the leadership of our opponents. Our real enemy is the wrong beliefs held by both our human opponents and ourselves. We are ultimately all one human family, all expressions of Life's infinite presence in the universe. If/when the Congress decides that major military action is necessary, I will not send troops into harm's way without going myself: “Madam Vice President, you are now acting Chief Executive; I'll see you when we have achieved victory” (Too dramatic? Maybe.). True leadership is by example.


Economics: Stop stealing from future generations. I will cut my own pay by 25 to 30% and encourage others in government to voluntarily cut their pay by something less than that. I will request congress to propose a bill that reforms executive and congressional retirement pay which is now WAY too high. I will do all in my power to reasonably cut taxes and regulations to promote serious job growth. I will veto any budget proposal which is not balanced and includes a provision for debt reduction. I will appoint an Assistant Chief of Staff to uncover and eliminate waste and duplication in our government – about half of those savings will go to debt reduction.


Ecology: We have the good fortune to live on an amazing planet; we need to take care of it and clean up after ourselves. This can be an excellent source of jobs and innovation. The best place to deal with this effort is from a position of economic strength. Economic development and ecological progress should go hand in hand. I will work from this perspective.


Illegal immigration: No massive deportation. No massive wall. No amnesty. Our immigration laws are flawed and are a major element in this problem. They are in serious need of improvement.

Senator Marco Rubio evolved a reasonable plan to deal with this problem and I would call on him to join in the effort to improve this situation. There are many innovative approaches being discussed and a solution is possible. More to come.


Incarceration: I think incarceration should be organized into different levels, each more or less desirable for the inmates. The better the behavior, attitude and cooperation the higher the level and the better the experience. There is much more to this and it would apply both domestically and for war captives in facilities like Guantanamo.

Abortion:  This should not be a political issue but it is so I will address it.  I am for Life and Freedom!  You can't be free if you can't make a wrong decision.  I think, in most cases, abortion is a wrong deciscion for many reasons but I think freedom is what this country is about.  A woman should be able to decide what happens with her body and anyone should be able to express opposition to abortion and the incredible value in giving birth - under any circumstances and for all involved.  General Patton, a great general in WWII, made the statement that "beside war, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance"; well he obviously did not consider the process of giving birth - which is certainly more significant than anything else that happens here on this planet.  I can say a lot more on this, and I will, but that is enough for here and now.


Some of these positions are subject to change by the input of all citizens as represented by Congress. Also, these positions are just the beginning of a journey toward the achievement of the potential of our incredible, great country. Why great? Because we are the world, with citizens from almost every other country in the world and because we are guided by one of the greatest political documents in human history, the U.S. Constitution.        

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