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San Mateo CountyCandidate for Supervisor, Supervisorial District 5

Photo of Helen Fisicaro

Helen Fisicaro

Councilmember / Businesswoman
3,481 votes (14%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Public Safety
  • Housing
  • Business and Transit Development



Owner/Consultant, Fisicaro Consulting Services (2010–current)
Councilmember, Vice Mayor, Mayor, City of Colma — Elected position (1994–current)
Senior Program Manager - Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (2001–2010)
Government and Public Affairs Manager - San Mateo County, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (1996–2001)
Green Lights Project Manager, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (1995–1996)
Contract Specialist, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (1993–1996)


San Francisco State University Bachelor Degrees, Business Administration Management and Human Resource Management (1994)

Community Activities

Chair, Colma Creek Flood Control District Advisory Committee (1994–current)
Member, San Mateo County Treasury Oversight Committee (2014–current)
Member, San Mateo County Housing and Community Development Committee (2006–current)
Fundraising Committee Member, Daly City Public Library Associates (2012–current)
Fundraising Committee Member, Housing Endorsement and Regional Trust of San Mateo County (2009–current)

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Featured Endorsements

  • San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association
  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier

Elected Officials (41)

  • Former San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Memo Morantes
  • Former San Mateo County Supervisor Rose Jacobs-Gibson
  • Former San Mateo Community College District Board Member Nylda Gemple
  • Former San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Rhonda Ceccato
  • San Mateo County College District Board Member Karen Schwartz
  • San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Beverly Gerard
  • San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Rod Hsiao
  • Former Foster City Mayor and Councilmember Pam Frisella
  • Former Daly City Clerk Lorraine D'Elia
  • Former Colma Fire District Commissioner Janet Fisicaro
  • Colma Fire District Commissioner Gina Sheridan
  • Former South San Francisco Mayor and Councilmember John Penna
  • South San Francisco Councilmember Rich Garbarino
  • Former San Carlos Mayor and Councilmember Sylvia Nelson
  • San Carlos Councilmember Ron Collins
  • Redwood City Councilmember Diane Howard
  • Former Colma Mayor and Councilmember Frosanna Vallerga
  • Former Colma Treasurer Dianne Chiappari
  • Former Colma Mayor and Councilmember Dennis Fisicaro
  • Former Brisbane Mayor and Councilmember Michael Barnes
  • Former San Mateo County Supervisor and Controller Tom Huening
  • Town of Atherton Mayor Elizabeth Lewis
  • Former Pacifica Mayor Bonnie Wells
  • Former Pacifica Mayor and Councilmember Cal Hinton
  • Pacifica Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart
  • Former Half Moon Bay Councilmember Allan Alifano
  • Half Moon Bay Councilmember John Muller
  • Former Foster City Mayor and Councilmember Linda Koelling
  • Former San Mateo County Supervisor Mary Griffin-Ramseur
  • Former California State Senator and Retired San Mateo County Judge Quentin Kopp
  • Colma Councilmember Joanne Del Rosario
  • Redwood City Councilmember Alicia Aguirre
  • San Mateo County Controller Juan Raigoza
  • South San Francisco Councilmember Karyl Matsumoto
  • San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector Sandie Arnott
  • Colma Mayor Diana Colvin
  • San Bruno Councilmember Irene O'Connell
  • South San Francisco Mayor Mark Addiego
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Warren Slocum
  • San Mateo Councilmember Maureen Freschet
  • San Mateo County Supervisor Carole Groom

Individuals (154)

  • Ron Homsher
  • Remil Medina
  • Cherie Napier-Colin
  • Cathy Lagomarsino
  • Danny Wong
  • Ron Visconti
  • Lauren Wheat
  • Mila Medina
  • Analiza Medina
  • Kari Foppiano
  • Ricki McGlashion
  • Nicole Fisicaro
  • Verna Fisicaro
  • Eve Visconti
  • Jan McCloskey
  • Serna Villarina
  • Roberto Masanque
  • Ken Varner
  • Roberta Masanque
  • Anthony Teo
  • Tom Marriscolo
  • James Fisicaro
  • Don Fisicaro
  • Barbara Fisicaro
  • Anthony Fisicaro
  • Vladiir Manlapaz
  • Thom Taylor
  • Andy Ferrari
  • Liz Taylos
  • Beth Manalac
  • George Engle
  • Carol Tanzi
  • Steve Machado
  • Jennifer Srabian
  • Margaret Ellis
  • Jenny Machado
  • Jacqueline Ekstrom
  • Brad Srabian
  • Oreste Macchi
  • Ernesto Dizon
  • Marianna Macchi
  • Cheryl Sinclair
  • Lorraine Simmons
  • Louise Della Maggiora
  • Aurora Mabunga
  • Willie deGuia
  • Norma Sigmund
  • Jeannie Lovi
  • Lynne Shubunka
  • Tom Del Sarto
  • Robert Lovi
  • Jerry Davis
  • Joann Lov
  • Margie Shoecraft
  • Don Shoecraft
  • Adelberto Cuison
  • Hong Lov
  • Phyllis Cuison
  • Andre Sartor
  • Nancy Schenone
  • Richard Schenone
  • Lisa Sartor
  • Arlin Santiago
  • G. Salerno
  • Aiza Rogue
  • Richard Rocchetta
  • Michael Rocchetta
  • Mike Reidy
  • Walter Ramseur
  • Kirsten Pinocchi
  • Rosie Picchi
  • Michael Peterson
  • Daisy Li
  • Ed Lee
  • Magda Lara
  • Duane Larson
  • Dennis Lanterman
  • Dennis Koenig
  • Marisa Koenig
  • Christine King
  • Mike King
  • John Kevranian
  • John Kerrigan
  • Vaughn Jones
  • Victor Hung
  • Carol Conroy
  • Karen Cochran
  • Greg Cochran
  • Roy Chiappari
  • Tricia Castellanos
  • Lawrence Caserza
  • Angelo Capitelli
  • Erlinda Cachuela
  • Anthony Caccia
  • Amy Buckmaster
  • William R. Brown, Jr.
  • Pat Brown
  • Maritess Brooks
  • Susan Brissenden-Smith
  • Kris Peterson
  • Michele Perkins
  • Maureen O'Connor
  • Pat Obuchowski
  • Jerry Nuneman
  • Pati Nuneman
  • Denise Nicco
  • Mario Nardi
  • Helen Nardi
  • Anthony Morales
  • Julie Mooney
  • Jim Metz
  • Lin Metz
  • Rommel Medina
  • Ila Homsher
  • Dorothy Hillman
  • Bruce Hamilton
  • Pat Hatfield
  • Dennis Guido
  • Carminda Guevarra
  • Jackie Graham
  • Rob Graham
  • Mary Giusti
  • John Giosso
  • Karen Gatton
  • Daniela Gasparini
  • Mike Gann
  • Leroy Franzoia
  • Elena Franzoia
  • Joanne Bortoli
  • Sam Bonano
  • Isela Barels
  • Iris Beilan
  • Ron Barels
  • Steve Barros
  • Cece Barros
  • Madeleine Banfield
  • Gigi Banfield
  • Al Banfield
  • Charli Balton
  • Regina Balton
  • Margy Baldwin
  • Sydney Airey
  • Abbi Abhishek Agrawal
  • Jeanette Acosta
  • Father Arturo Albano
  • Retired Daly City Fire Battalion Chief Steve Hawthorne
  • Retired Daly City Fire Chief Robert O'Donnell
  • Colma Fire Chief Geoff Balton
  • Filipino Community Leader Alice Bulos
  • Retired Daly City Fire Battalion Chief Don Ciucci
  • Retired South San Francisco Fire Chief Phil White
  • Retired Colma Police Chief Jon Read
  • Retired San Bruno City Manager Frank Hedley
  • Retired Colma Police Chief Bob Lotti

Questions & Answers

Questions from The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Counts, a public media collaboration. (2)

What is your plan for addressing San Mateo County’s affordable housing crisis? Given the intense economic pressures on the area, is there anything that government leaders CAN do to effectively keep San Mateo County affordable for middle and low income people?
Answer from Helen Fisicaro:

We must understand that housing, jobs, transportation, economic growth and environmental sustainability are all part of the housing discussion.  We need well planned, regionally coordinated plans for smart growth, housing that includes retail and transportation access consistent with Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  This will help provide jobs, housing and economic benefits that generate the kind of tax increment needed to provide services for residents of affordable housing.  Through increased County funding and regional incentives like the Priority Development Area (PDA) programs provided regionally we will be able to build more housing in central locations near jobs and transit nodes.

Beyond sound planning revenue programs, government should support the many good local programs that are working to provide affordable housing.  Having served on the HIP Housing Board for 9 years, the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) subcommittee for 6 years, and the San Mateo County Housing and Community Development Committee (HCDC) for 9 years, I am experienced at working with the community and finding ways to enhance programs like Habitat for Humanity, Bridge Housing, HIP Housing, and Mercy Housing as they continue to build, renovate and provide quality affordable housing for families, teachers, first responders and other valuable members of our community whou should be able to live in the communities they serve.




What transportation plans do you have to address the worsening traffic problem in San Mateo County?
Answer from Helen Fisicaro:

Rational transporation planning is a regional issue.  Like housing, jobs, economic developmet and the environment, transportation is part of a sustainability continuum often called Transportation Oriented Development (TOD).  We need to get people out of their cars and onto public transit by making transit convenient, safe, and affordable.  As the Bay Area population grows, so does our responsibility to provide seniors, students, and daily commuters access to safe, reliable and accessbile transportation.  We must expand and enhance our existing systems by increasing connectivity between local and regional transit providers, provide last mile options and make our fleets more efficient.  This includes electrifying CalTrain and replenishing Measure A funds to keep our infrastructure safe and well maintained.

Videos (1)

— May 16, 2016 Helen Fisicaro for San Mateo County Supervisor 2016

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