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Party Committee

San Mateo County Republican PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Supervisorial District 2

Photo of Tom Weissmiller

Tom Weissmiller

2,173 votes (9.3%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Grow the Republican Party in San Mateo County. Only 18% of registered voters in San Mateo County are Republicans. This needs to get to 30%. To be relevant in the county we have to focus on local politics.
  • Raise money for the Republican Party in San Mateo County. The SMGOP does not have a plan, strategy or performance measures. We need to develpo this to estabish our direction and have a story to tell. No one will donate unless we have a plan.
  • Get out the vote in San Mateo County. The Republican base is good at voting. We need to get the conservative no-party preference voters to vote for Republican principles and values.



Profession:Retired Army Officer, Retired Federal Employee
District 2, Member, San Mateo County Central Committee — Elected position (2009–current)
Mission Support Specialist, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Budget, Finance & Procurement) (2002–2015)
Analyst, Heat Transfer Equipment Company, South San Francisco (2000–2001)
Budget Officer (Lieutenant Colonel), Department of Defense, U.S Army (1992–1999)
Assistant Professor of Military Science, U.S. Army, duty at Santa Clara University (1989–1992)


County of San Mateo Certificate, Civics 101, Operations of County Government (2014)
City of San Mateo City Services Academy Certificate, City Governemt (2006)
Golden Gate University MBA, Finance (1979)
University of Southern Mississippi BA, Spanish, Education, Military Science (1972)

Community Activities

Volunteer, U.S. Volunteers (Perform Military Honors for military veterans) (2016–current)
Volunteer, Neighborhood Watch Captain (2005–current)
Calling, Ward Employment Specialist, LDS Church (2008–current)

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


1.      Inalienable rights of the individual come from our creator.  They do not come from government.


2.      In the United States Constitution and the California Constitution to administer representative governments of the people, by the people and for the people. 


3.      The Constitutions of the United States and California are restraining documents to protect our individual rights, not group rights.  


4.      Solutions to problems are often better handled by the people rather than by law.


5.      In checks and balances between the branches of government. 


6.      In following and enforcing the law.  The United States and California Constitutions provide processes to amend Constitutions and enact its laws.


7.      In treating individuals and groups with dissenting beliefs and opinions respectfully.


8.      Every citizen has the right to pursue happiness and follow their dream.


9.      In private property rights. 


10.   In Americans, American ingenuity and the free market place.


11.   Self-esteem comes from doing esteem able things.


12.   Natural resources are to be used for the benefit of the people and need to be managed for sustainability.


13.   Voting integrity.


14.   Transparency of government and fiscal responsibility.


Position Papers

Analysis of the San Mateo County Republican Central Committee



My focus.  To make the Republican Party in San Mateo politically relevant by growing the party, raise money, have an effective Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) program.







My style.


·        Facilitate full committee involvement.  I will meet with anyone, anytime anywhere.


·        Recluse myself from voting except to break ties.


·        Insure the SMGOP Bylaws are followed and business is conducted in an open and transparent manner. 


·        Build coalitions and alliances within the community.


·        No surprises.


·        Representation of each District Caucus at Executive Committee meetings.




My 100 day plan.


·        Publish a strategy.  This document will be our handbook for short and long term planning.  It will be like a prospectus to show voters and donors what is at stake in local government and how a minority party can make a difference.


·        Publish a 24 month activity calendar.


·        Publish an eight (8) year political calendar. 


·        Publish metrics to assess committee performance.




My assessment of the committee.


1.      Strengths


a.      Monthly general meetings are held regularly and quorum is almost always met.


b.      Delegate/proxy attendance at CRP conventions


c.      Politics, wine and cheese events are held most months.


d.      Executive Director with central committee and political campaign experience was largely responsible for raising funds, organizing phone banks, and getting out mailers for the Nov 2014 election.


2.      Weaknesses 


a.      The committee is primarily dependent on one donor. 


b.      Not many volunteers (inside or outside of the committee). 


c.      There is not a strategic plan. 


d.      There are more concerns about competing factions than building coalitions and alliances.


e.      Vanilla agendas without action items.  Therefore there are no expectations at the meetings.


f.       Minutes not published until three (3) days before the next meeting.  By then everyone has forgotten the next step. 


g.      Following the bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.


h.      No long term plan.


i.       Communication and direction from the Executive Committee


j.       Openness and transparency, closed committees.


k.      Persons outside of the county seem to control the committee.


l.       There are three standing committees that do not meet. These committee are listed in the SMGOP Bylaws, Section 2.05, Standing Committees.  SMGOP Bylaws Section 2.01.03, General Rules of Membership, para (E), requires each regular member of the Committee for actively participating in and contributing to the programs of at least one standing committee throughout his or her term of office, and in the District Caucus of which he or she is a member.


Observations of the San Mateo County Republican Party (SMGOP)


Why the SMGOP is failing.


1.      We do not have a plan, strategy, and performance measures.  We need a prospectus to show donors and volunteers that there is a need for their involvement and we have a functioning committee.

2.      Bylaws mimic a centralized politburo with an executive committee elected at large with over reaching powers.  A Republican Central Committee should have bylaws that mirror a representative government that powers down to the district caucuses. 

3.      In most cases people are recruited for one purpose, to be a vote.  They are told all you have to do is attend one meeting a month and if you cannot attend you can get an alternate.  We are not recruiting to put skills on the committee.

4.      The main priority is providing delegates to the CRP.  This is an important part of our involvement, but it does not help us win a single election.

5.      We are not training our members on how to be effectively involved in the community.


Candidate Contact Info

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