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Party Committee

San Mateo County Democratic PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Supervisorial District 2

Photo of Anthony Fel Amistad

Anthony Fel Amistad

Professor / State Commissioner
5,626 votes (9.4%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Improve & Increase Voter Registration by reaching out to new American Citizens and Future Voters, see
  • Enhance voter access to local county elections and participation, enhance political education, recruit and train next generation of political leaders
  • Improve internet and other applications to increase voter knowledge of political issues, targeting the newest adults and citizens, see



Profession:College Professor, State Commissioner
Professor, MBA Program, International Technological University (2011–current)
Dean, College Professor, California Pacific University (2013–current)
Realtor, Century 21 Realty Alliance (2014–current)
Mortgage & Finance Lender, Mark One Mortgage (2015–current)
President, Amistad Education Group, Absolute Resource Service (2004–current)
Gubernatorial Appointee, California State Commission & Board, California State Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors & Geologists — Appointed position (2015–current)
Grand Jury, San Mateo County, alternate, Grand Jury, San Mateo County — Appointed position (2011–2012)
San Mateo County Central Committee, 2006-08, Central Committee, San Mateo County — Elected position (2006–2008)
San Mateo County Central Committee, District 2, Democratic County Central Committee DCCC, #2 District, San Mateo County — Elected position (2006–2008)


California Pacific University PhD, Business Administration (2015)
Northcentral University Post-Masters Certificate, Public Administration (2010)
California Southern University Juris Doctorate JD, Law Degree, Business Law (2002)
University of Phoenix MBA, Business Administration (1996)
Stanford University Bachelors Degree B.A., Human Biology, Masters Co-term Biology (1983)

Community Activities

Inspector, Judge, San Mateo County Elections Office (2012–current)
Secretary, past president (2010), FilAm Democratic Club of San Mateo County (2007–current)
Vice President (past), Hillsdale High School PTA (2010–current)
past president, current director, San Mateo County FilAm Chamber of Commerce (2008–current)
State Commissioner, Bureau of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors , Dept. of Consumer Affairs, State of California (2015–current)


More biodata at


Dr. Amistad is a Stanford University graduate and has lived most of his life in San Mateo County since graduating from Stanford. He first resided in Menlo Park then moved up north to Daly City where he owned a home adjacent to the Olympic Golf Club.  He then moved to Danville and Fremont where he worked for Bank of America in the mid-1990s.

He settled in San Mateo where he has lived since 2000.  Dr. Amistad served as PTA member for George Hall Elementary and Abbott Middle School where his daughter Christine attended. When he was appointed San Mateo County Commissioner by then-Supervisor Jerry Hill, Dr. Amistad reached out to more community members to stand by the Democratic Party. Dr. Amistad is grateful to Sen. Hill for his commitment to the diverse communities of the County. 

Dr. Amistad teaches MBA business administration and law courses such as International Business and Law, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurial Finance.  He also holds advanced business and law degrees.

Dr. Amistad is past president of the Filipino American Democratic Club of San Mateo County and currently serves as its Recording Secretary.  He was also co-chairman of the State Democratic Party FilAm Democratic Caucus.

Dr. Amistad has run for political office before, focusing on education and school concerns. Dr. Amistad was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown last year to serve as a State Commissioner for the Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (term to 2018).

Dr. Amistad was also a past San Mateo County Commissioner for the County Commission on Disabilities, 2007-13. At the time Senator Jerry Hill (then County Supervisor) appointed Fel Anthony Amistad with the approval of the County Board of Supervisors.

Dr. Amistad has served as Vice President of Hillsdale High School PTA where his daughter Christine was an alumnus.

Dr. Amistad was also a member of the George Hall Elementary and Abbott Middle School PTA organization.

Dr. Amistad was also an active member of the FilAm Chamber of Commerce, FilAm Real Estate Professional Association, past president of the Lions Club, District West of SF Twin Peaks, and other nonprofit groups.

ANTHONY FEL AMISTAD was elected as San Mateo County Central Committeeman in 2006 where he served with members and officials of the County's Party organization.

Dr. Amistad has run for political offices before. He ran for the San Mateo Union High School and  for the  San Mateo County Education Trustee from the early 2000-6. Last year, Dr. Amistad ran as a trustee candidate for San Mateo Community College Board where he was endorsed by State Superintendant of Education Tom Torlakson, County Controller Juan Raigoza, Foster City Councilman Herb Perez, Sam Hindi, all 5 Daly City Councilmen, and an endless list of elected officials, voters, and citizens.

Dr. Amistad wants to give back to the community and wants to ensure that Democratic values stay a priority for all!

Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Michael Pangelinan
  • Erlinda Galeon

Organizations (1)

  • Friends of the Filipino American Community

Elected Officials (11)

  • Councilman Mike Guingona
  • Trustee Greg Land, San Mateo Union High School District
  • Councilman Ray Buenaventura
  • Foster City Councilman Sam Hindi
  • San Mateo County Central Committeeman John Woodell
  • San Mateo County Central Committeewoman Marian Mann
  • Assemblyman Rob Bonta
  • Marian Mann (DCCC #5 Member)
  • Foster City Mayor Herb Perez
  • Trustee Rosie Tejada (JESD)
  • Vice Mayor DJ Canepa

Individuals (13)

  • Henry Manayan, President Friends of the FilAm Community, former Milpitas Mayor
  • Evelyn Centeno, Past President, Contra Costa County President FilAm Democratic Club
  • Michael G. Pangelinan, President FilAm Democratic Club of San Francisco
  • Alice Bulos
  • Rebecca Ayson
  • Perla Ibarrientos
  • San Mateo County Commissioner Walter Batara
  • San Mateo County Commissioner Marico Enriquez
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Edward Jesswani
  • Ray Satorre, President PBRC, Daly City Commissioner
  • Perla Ibarrientos, Executive Director, FilAm Democratic Club of San Mateo County

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

More info at


I will increase Democratic voter turnout during elections. I will  increase our "registration of immigrant turned-US citizens" so our voter roster will increase with Democratic voters.  As a delegate to the CDP I will continue to attend our Democratic group meetings and participate in our democratic empowerment. I am a strong believer in registering Democratic voters and ensuring our stronger voter rolls stay Democratic.

As a stalwart adherent to Democratic Values, ANTHONY FEL AMISTAD will work hard to connect to ethnic communities and groups which make up the majority of residents in San Mateo County.  Dr. Amistad is fluent in English and understands and speaks conversational Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino).  Dr. Amistad is active in the Filipino-American Community where he served as the State Caucus Co-Chairman of the Filipino American Caucus of the California Democratic State Party.

He was the former president of the FilAm Democratic Party Club of San Mateo County where is currently serves as secretary.

As a Democrat, ANTHONY FEL AMISTAD will foster voter registration and voter participation in local and state elections and ensure that voters come out to vote for US President in the November 2016 election cycle. He believes that "Voters cannot take for granted their rights and duties to ensure our future well-being. We can only partake in the future by serving as role models for others. We need to vote today. Tomorrow is critical but we set the ground for that success today!

--Dr. Amistad

 more data and info at

Position Papers

Engage Immigrant communities to Empower and Enhance Democratic Party


Democratic Values are needed to ensure the next generation of voters and leaders will stay true blue to the Democratic Party.

With the negative news emanating from the GOP party about "building borders to keep out Mexicans and banning Muslims", the time is ripe to ensure that the Democratic Party stands for inclusion and Democratic, American Values.  As a second generation citizen, I totally understand the plight of the immigrant and the experience of those who came before me. My parents fled to America to seek a better life and enjoy the American Dream. I did pursue a better life as a result of our hard work and education. However, I do owe much of the freedom and enriching quality of life to the Democratic Values I learned from others in my region.  I want to share these values with other immigrants who have become US citizens and young citizens who wish to enjoy the American Dream and partake in the political process.  As a community organizer and leader in my community, I will do my best to empower our diverse groups and citizens so that we all benefit from Democracy.

I served San Mato County as a Commissioner (appointed by Senator Jerry Hill, then a County Supervisor). I was also an alternate delegate to the California Democratic Party under then-Assemblyman Gene Mullin (D-SSF).  I was also a DCCC spokesman for Assemblyman Kevin Shelly (D-SF).  I served in the State Democratic CDP as a Caucus Co-Chair and other voter outreach organizations.  I served as an Inspector Judge for the San Mateo County Elections Office.


We need to stay engaged and stay focused.  I will continue to serve as a leader in the Party and in my community.

Reach Out to Young and New Voters


The millennial generation will have an impact on the 2016 Presidential Election. For one, there are numerous technological savvy high school and college students who will

vote for the first time. We need to reach out to more of these bright and dynamic individuals who will be the backbone and cradle of the Democratic Party for years to come.

The time has come to engage our millennial voters. The San Mateo County demographic makeup has changed. The voter list or roster has become diverse and different. More Hispanic surnames, Asian last names, and a mixture of so many international ethnicities have now made San Mateo County home. Like the State composition, the County will change in no time. Will the Democratic Party adapt and change to this new dynamic? Will the Party leaders adapt and reach out to these new voters whose parents immigrated to U.S.A. a generation or less ago?  Will the Party stay true to its bold goals and ensure fairness and equality of new registered voters regardless of their backgrounds and socioeconomic roots?

The Democratic Party has a huge impact in 2016. I will partake in this energetic effort to ensure voters are well represented in the Democratic Party of San Mateo County. As a past member of (Vice President) , Friends of the FilAm Community (past president), FilAm Democratic Club of San Mateo County (past president), and other civic groups and organizations (Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club West of Twin Peaks, Hillsdale PTA (Vice President), George Hall and Abbott Middle School PTA groups, and so many more, I believe I can balance the duties and responsibilities of Committee member of the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee (DCCC).

Register more Democratic Voters


I will work hard to engage all independent and "decline to state" voters who wish to be called DEMOCRATS. I intend to reach out as a role model, professional educator,

and leader in my community.  I have done non-profit volunteer work for many years and I will continue to reach all voters who do not want to stay partisan. As a vocal Democratic

leader,  I will persist and persevere to register voters as DEMOCRATS.  Visit my website I have worked with our top state Democratic leaders and will continue to

work with others at all levels. My experience and years of contribution will ensure that Democratic Values reign high in our area and state.



I will work with our diverse voters to engage young and old, disabled and challenged, to come to our Democratic Party and be part of the strongest party in California.

All of our top elected officials are Democrats.

All of our state and regional leaders are mostly Democrats.

I will work to reach out to new transferees and immigrant groups who are US Citizens but are still "undecided or decline to state" activists.

I can work with these groups and I will continue my nonprofit involvement in the community. My 2 decades of contribution to San Mateo County politics will be my legacy

but most importantly, the results of my work will matter more. More elected state and local leaders. More appointed state and local officials. More Democratic Values here

and across state territories. I will make our Golden State shine!

Videos (1) — May 12, 2016 for more information see

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