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Tuesday June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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California State SenateCandidate for District 13

Photo of John H. Webster

John H. Webster

Software Engineer
13,018 votes (5.7%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Fighting the Dark Side of Democracy; Stopping "Free" Benifits that make someone else pay the price. example: Only Property owners should vote on Property taxes.
  • Removing laws that enforce "Fairness". Example allow perspective employees to bargain for a wage less than "Minumum wage" to get a job.
  • Alter current laws so that a real victim (someone who accepts that role) must exist before a crime is deemed to have occured.



Santa Clara University Masters in Computer Science, Compiler design; Object oriented code design. (1980)
University of Washingto at Seattle Washington Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, Computer design (1972)


Born in March of 1945 in Los Angeles area, attended high school in Redondo Beach California. Served in the US Navy from 1964 to 1968, including time in Vietnam arena. Married upon getting out of the service. In 1972 Received a BSEE from University of Washington. Worked for a number of high tech companies in the San Francisco bay area. In 1980 received a MSCS from University of Santa Clara. Now divorced with two grown children.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

It is said that Democratic Governments ultimately collapse into Dictatorships.

If you look around us you will notice that this is happening now. We now have a supposedly "benevolent" police state enforcing laws of Political Correctness. Both our State and Federal Government are clamping down on dissent, and are systematically stripping away our freedoms.

Now is not the time to do incremental changes to improve things a few percent. We must make two important changes to drastically limit government and to make it treat the citizen as the customer not as an asset.

First we must restructure the way that our legislature makes laws in order to stop the deluge of laws that are concerning things that are not even in the public domain. These laws are like if everyone at my household voted to use the neighbor's swimming pool. Even if we gave the neighbor his one vote it still would not be right. Its just not ours to vote on.

Second we must re-enforce the sovereignty of the individual, so that each person has the Right to live their life as they see fit so long as they allow others to do the same.  We need to get rid of "enforced fairness" laws and stop enforcing political correctness.

Position Papers

Undocumented Aliens are NOT the cause of unemployment.


While these foreign workers will take some jobs, they are also customers that create other jobs. When they are willing to put in a good days work for a good days pay they are helping all of us.


While these foreign workers will take some jobs, jobs that mostly no one else really wants, they are also potential consumers. So they will take their wages and buy food and buy or rent homes. Literally all of their earned income will either be spent on goods and services or saved in banks. The money saved in banks will be invested creating more jobs. Even when those immigrants send money home eventually all that money makes it way back to buying goods from the USA.


What there is a real shortage of are freebie goodies and overpaid cushy jobs. So we don't want people coming across our borders in anticipation of receiving those. And we would be totally justified in denying those to them. But people who are willing to put in a good day's work for a decent wage, and who will then take some of that wage and pay taxes and buy goods and services from others, now that is something that helps all of us.


Unfortunately there is a Federal Agency, the INS, which is going around like a Mafia enforcer and ensuring, with threats of imprisonment and deportation, that companies only hire their people + i.e. Citizens. A few years ago a local man was sentenced to five years in Federal prison for committing the heinous crime of allowing one hundred undocumented aliens to work for a living. Now those hundred people are back asking for handouts.


This is an example of a Federal Agency enforcing Federal law, even when it totally violates our right to associate with, and employ, the people we wish to associate with.


The act of employment is simple a formalized act of Free Trade; I will do this for you (give you certificates that you can redeem for goods and services) if you will do this for me (do some work for me). If we cannot decide for ourselves who we will trade with, this is not a Free Country but a Dictatorship.


And whether we like it or not, we are in a Global Economy and we as a country have to compete. If we don't let cheap labor cross our borders to create products and services here, those jobs will leave our borders and go somewhere else. In a Free Country we can't force companies to employ our expensive labor force when it is their job to find the cheapest way to produce the products they sell.


Common concerns and how I see those problems.


How to fight the Bad Side to Democracy with Libertarian Alternatives; Equal pay for woman? Minimum Wage? High Speed Rail? Marraige Equality?

--       I am fighting the Dark Side of Democracy, where Majority Control enforces their Values through Law on everyone (enforced Fairness), and giving themselves Free Benefits and making someone else pay the price.  I.e. only homeowners would vote on raising property taxes.  Ballot measures that would increase the tax on everyone should be replaced with contract agreements that increase the tax payments (i.e. fees) on only those who vote for a measure.


--       Equal pay for women?  No.  Make it easier for a business to hire only women so as to pay only the lower wage.  If men want a job they will have to accept the lower wage or convince the Employer that they are worth the extra money.


--      Minimum Wage?  Allow prospective employees the right to negotiate a lower wage if necessary to secure a job.  Therefore a "minimum wage" becomes onlya suggested minimum wage.


--       High Speed Rail:  When the Free Market takes on something it only does it if there is a Profit incentive.  When Government does something it is at a loss and will subsidize it long into the future.  Every project by Government becomes an excuse to raise taxes (i.e. Steal from the poductive portion of the Economy) to sprinkle benefits on potential voters to keep those in power in power.  The Future is not Government High-Speed-Rail but rather Entrepreneurial Hyperloop.


--       Marriage equality:  Government should get out of the business of Marriage and should only be recording the resulting Contracts.  Each Church should define marriage as they choose and have their particular contract.  If a couple wants to get married all they need to do is find a church that respects their decision to marry.


--        No Victim = No Crime; Laws such as “Human Trafficking” and others should require that someone accept the role of “Victim” before the law applies. Example: a School board should have the right to fire a teacher that has sex with a student yet the police should not get involved unless there was actual force involved.  Current law assumes a minor is always a "Victim"; not always so.


--       Laws mandating that Hospitals accept indigent patents must be revoked, and replaced with networks of contributing charities willing to subsidies the treatment of those needing help. When Government sets up a "Safty Net" everyone thinks they are owed theirs; when private charities help only the truly needy ask for help.  Currently "Obama-Care" forces us all to get Health Insurance; Economic Reality and not Government should force us to get that insurance.


Calif. must Demand changes to the US Gov or threaten to Secede


The US Federal Government is becoming the Evil empire, we as Californians can not sit ideally by waiting for a majority of Congress to realize this.

Why California should threaten to secede:

-- The United States Government is becoming the Evil Empire. Most people just don't understand what the "Bill of Rights" in the US Constitution really is. Those first Ten Amendments to the Constitution do NOT give us our Rights. The Individual's Rights come from the fact that we each have a mind capable of independent thought (and if you are religious, the design of our minds and brains of course came from our Creator, God). Our Rights are Pre-constitutional.

The Bill of Rights was put into the Constitution in order to protect our Government from Itself; to prevent the Government from becoming so tyrannical that it would ethically justify its violent overthrow.

What this means is that in recent years when our leaders were figuring out cute and clever ways to get around the restrictions in the Bill of Right, they were in effect creating cute and clever ways to ethically justify our Government's and our Country's demise.

-- The United States Government is becoming the instrument of our enslavement. Originally of course, our Government was the Protector of our Freedom. But as it spends more and more money, money that it has to borrow, on Liberal Free Goodies to sprinkle on the Masses, eventually in the not too distant future the Government won't be able to borrow anymore. The Total Tax Revenue will all go toward just paying the Interest of the National Debt with NO money left over for ANY benefits to the People. Yet we will still be forced, by threats of forfeiture and incarceration to pay those ever increasing taxes.

-- The US Government is now controlling many issues that should be under State control. The reach of the "Promote the General Welfare" and "Interstate Commerce" clauses of the Constitution have been extended to the absurd. Now many Federal departments and agencies are mandating compliance to regulations even when those regulations are in conflict with State law. One obvious example is in the Federal effort to shut down California's Medical Marijuana programs.

What we must demand:

-- A reinstatement of the Bill of Rights and of the Right to Habeas Corpus, and not for just US Citizens but for ALL people within the jurisdiction of the US Government.

-- A solid backing of the US Dollar, with no additional borrowing by the US Government, and no creating of new money out of thin air through printing or through accounting tricks.

-- That Taxes be legally associated with the benefits we get from Government, so that failure of Government to protect our Rights (the most important benefit we are supposed to get from Government), or extreme disparity between the amount paid in Taxes and the benefits we receive, could then be used as legal justification for non-payment of taxes. Hopefully this would result in Government treating us more as customers rather than as assets to be liquidated at its convenience.

-- That the US Government stop interfering in the Legalization of Medical and Recreational use of Marijuana in California.


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