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Tuesday June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
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California State AssemblyCandidate for District 24

Photo of Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera

Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera

Social Innovation Entrepreneur
2,603 votes (2.4%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Support the Bernie Sanders Movement & Give the Government Back to the People!
  • Economic Equality & Opportunities For All!
  • Get BIG & Dirty Money Out of Elections!



Profession:Social Innovative Entrepreneur
Internal Vice Chair, Student Union Assembly at the University of California at Santa Cruz — Elected position (2003–2004)
Chair, Student Committee On Committees at the University of California at Santa Cruz — Elected position (2003–2004)


University of California at Santa Cruz Biology & Environmental Studies, Focus on Sustainability, Plant Sciences, Restoration Ecology, Community Ecology, and Non-Profit Management (2004)
Gunn High School, Palo Alto (1998)


Jay calls himself a “Social Innovation Entrepreneur” and has been working on non-profit, social profit, for-profit and government projects, organizations, and movements for over a decade. He has started dozens of organizations, with a foundational background of Sustainability, of which at least 15 are still in existence. Currently Jay hubs all his projects and organizations within what he calls the “CommUnity Network”. Putting “Unity” back into Community, and the Unity Network which focuses on “Uniting all Peoples and Social Movements of the World”. Jay is actively working and organizing within the current Bottom Up Bernie Movement and People’s Movement to build the resources necessary for the People to rightfully take back their governments from Corporate and BIG Money interests, and also running as a Candidate for Public Office, now, and on-going into the future.


Even with the huge accomplishments Jay is still struggling to find resources, funding, and people to collaborate with to support his work, and mainly finds himself helping and supporting others, but that is ok. Helping others is the foundation to the entire vision of Jay’s work. His umbrella organizations sponsor dozens of projects and programs for at risk youth, community support, and startups alike.


Links to More Details:


Current Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Bylaws, Operations, Taxes and Finances for about 10 legal organizations, corporations, or businesses. Includes: Worldplay Ventures, Innovate United LLC, Community Life Network Incorporated, Everything Network Incorporated, California Cannabis Hemp Initiative, Community Governance Committee, BJC, UIS, and my own taxes and finances…

  • The Unity Network is an Umbrella Network and so Jay oversee administrative operations and finances for about dozen projects and programs that total about a $75,000 annual budget, not including last years $100k Worldplay Ventures budget.


Current Appointed Positions / Roles:

  • Chair Community LIFE Network

  • Treasure Worldplay Ventures


  • Bylaws & Constitutions, Standing Rules

  • Agenda Creation

  • Facilitation

  • Taxes

  • Digital Design

  • Websites

  • Servers

  • Writing

  • Communications

  • Liasoning

  • Planning

  • Systems & Processes

  • Contracts

  • And much more. . .

Questions & Answers

Questions from The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Counts, a public media collaboration. (6)

Climate changes and the continuing drought worry many in California. What new strategies do you believe would ensure that California is able to both satisfy its water needs and protect the environment? Please be specific. 
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

This is a very specific question, and the best way to save on water is large scale greenhousing of the central vally. We use over half of our water on agrigulcture and there is an easy way to cut our water usage on agiculture by more than half. We can simply copy what Spain has done in the last 10 years, where they have turned the desert of cetnral Spain into the most fertile land of all of Europe. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it works, so it has to be considered a viable option to save on water. You can see the pictures and more information at this link:

Many Californians are concerned about the influence of money in politics. What can the state legislature do to ensure that decision-making by elected officials is not swayed by moneyed interests at the expense of constituents?
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

It is up to the people to STOP voting for candidates who are raising 100,000's and millions of dollars from the richest of the rich. If voters simply stopped voting for candidates taking the majority of their money from rich large donors, campaign finance reforms wouldn't matter. As a candidate I limit my fundraising to about $50 per contribution, and we could easily lower contribution amounts to as little as $500 from the current $2,700. How many people can actually give $500 to a political campiagn, very few. My primary goals are helping create more grassroots forums for local candidates and political organizations to encage our local communities with political issues without having to spend much money.

There are a variety of proposals to raise California's minimum wage. Many of these proposals face opposition from business groups who are concerned that they would kill jobs. Do you support increasing the minimum wage in California?  In your answer please explain your position on the relationship between wages and jobs with specific reference to the situation in your district. 
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

As you raise wages for individuals, they have the ability to spend more money which increases the overall economy. This is as opposed to keeping wages low and all the money going to the 0.001% that save the money so it is spent little by little which reduces the immediate economic impact. Basically your talking trickle down, vs trickle up, and I am a proponent of equlizing our economic oportunitites and ensurign that the primary economy is increasing the money spend on main street which will help the overall economy including the money going to the 0.001%. I am calling for the SF Bay Area to raise the minimum wage to a minimum of $20/hr and the rest of the state to a minimum of $15/hr.

What are your top three fiscal priorities, recognizing the need to balance the state’s income with its spending?
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

I am committed to a balanced budget, so my top priorities are to raise taxes on the rich and BIG tech, and ensure that we re-fund Education, Health Care, our diiminising Courts, and of cousre Environmetnal Protections including our Parks.

If elected, what solutions do you propose to deal with the high cost of living in the Bay Area?
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

Raise the Minimum wage to a minimum of $20/hr in the SF Bay Area, and a minimum of $15/hr in the rest of the state. Of course we would also couple this with low income housing and homes for the homless to ensure that the people who need help the most get it.

What steps are needed to improve region-wide transportation planning and the growing traffic congestion?
Answer from Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera:

We need to re-think transportation. Most importantly is ensuring that individuals can get from Point A to Point Z. Currently our transporation work based on individuals going from Point D to Point L, and the individual is reponsiblie from getting from Point A to Point D, and then again from Point L to Point Z. This is not working. Additionally we NEED to make it so that you can get to Point A to Point Z within 15-30 minutes of the time it would take to go to that same location by car. If it takes 15 minutes by car, and 2 hours by public transporation, something is wrong. The most applicable way of making this happen is utilizing a grid network for our public transporation systems. This would ensure that where the MOST cars travel, would all have bus or tram routes. Yet currently most freeways do NOT have buses that travel on them, meaning that where the most cars go, there is NO public transporation. This would be easy to fix.

Who gave money to this candidate?


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Source: MapLight analysis of data from the California Secretary of State.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

The System is Rigged with the majority of economic gains going to the 0.01%. Our Elections are Rigged with the wealthy controlling candidates.  It is time to show that money can no longer buy our government.

Together we can prove that it is possible to win a low money political campaign that focuses on the People! The alternative is to vote for million dollar candidates who are selling themselves to the highest bidder between the 1%. You may see them more on TV or in your mail box, but do they really represent you? If everyone stopped voting for million dollar candidates and instead voted for normal people to represent them, we would do away with Citizens United and the BIG money control of our government in one election.

Join me to support the political Revolution that is taking place where we are rewriting our future for a government and economy that works for everyday people instead of the 0.1%. We will be working with leaders like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other Bernie Candidates who are calling for Wall Street and Big Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share!

A Vote for Jay is a Vote for People over Banks, Children over Profits, and the Environment over Greed. If elected I will turn our 200 year old democracy into a 21st Century interactive technology epicenter where everyone can vote on issues in real time for direct influence on elected representatives. Let’s make the Future Now!

My goal in running is:

  1. Get Bernie Sanders Elected President Movement!

    • Initiate the New American Political rEVOLution!

    • Catalyze a Mass Millions Mobilization Movement that Bernie is calling for!

    • Elect Bernie Candidates at all levels of office from local to congress to support Bernie’s Agenda when he is president, and to continue his vision and push for the People’s Voice!


  1. Economic Equality & Opportunities for All!

    • Increase the Minimum Wage! $20/hr in SF Bay

    • Break Up Big Banks!

    • Reinstate Glass-Steagall

    • Tax Wall Street & the Rich!

    • Simplify Taxes and End Tax Loopholes

    • Make having a Job a Right!

    • Guaranteed Minimum Income!

    • Overtime Pay for People working 2+ Jobs!

    • Community Equity & Societal Equity


  1. Get Dirty & BIG Money OUT of Politics!

    • End Super PACs!

    • Reverse Citizen’s United!

    • Support Low & No Money Candidates – Get Normal Everyday Working People Running for Political Office at all levels!

    • Support Poor, Indigent, & Homeless Candidates – Make sure NO one can be pressured into Bankruptcy simply because they Run for Political Office!

    • Create the People’s Parallel Congress – Get Everyday Normal People Running for Office

    • Get Candidates to Sign Campaign Finance Reform Pledges

    • Approved & Score Voting! (OK with at least Runoff)

    • Article the First! – Ratify the 1st EVER Proposed Amendment to the Constitution!


  1. Stop Environmental Destruction Immediately!

    • Balance our relationship with the Planet!

    • Stabilize the Climate for a Thriving Earth!

    • Cut Carbon Emissions, Carbon Tax, Carbon Caps

    • Carbon & Pollutant Based Currencies

    • CRV (Cycling Resource Value) for All Physical Products starting with Cigarette Butts

    • Integrated Sustainable Design

    • Ban ALL Landfills & turn them into Resource Cycling Centers


  1. And Much Much More . . .

    • Democratic Trilogy including Direct Democracy & Community Elections where You decide Priorities!

    • Make Health Care a Right!

    • Free & Accessible Education for All!

    • Peace & Elivationism

    • Having a Home is a Right!

    • Security & Privacy

    • Net Neutrality

Videos (1)

— April 27, 2016 Candidate Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera’s Humanity’s Evolution Project

Humanity is evolving, and there are distinct options for the direction we want to go. The world is coming to a major turning point, and there is no need to list the reasons why we need to change how we live as local and global communities.   What people need is direction and understanding about what is occurring, and a clear vision of a comprehensive proposal for where our society is going and more importantly a Step by Step Transition Plan for how we are going to get there.


Humanity’s Evolution is grounded in research which builds on expert knowledge of the actual situation happening in the world right now, and teaches us all the most comprehensive and applicable solutions utilizing science, technology, and the application of natural systems for the most efficient and effective way to transform our entire existing society to be in balance and harmonious with the earth.  The proposals directly address long-term economic stabilization, government integrity, environmental equilibrium, and not just to be sustained, but to be a thriving planet and human civilization.

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