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Photo of Herbert G. Peters

Herbert G. Peters

Three Careers: 1. Farmer's Son; graduated as Electrical Engineer, 2. FAA Electronic Engr, Aerospace Engr; 3. Candidate
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Federal Spending Excessive, Drives Up Cost of Living
  • Jobs, about 23% Unemployment; Everyone Should Be Able to Get a Job
  • In 59th Year Without a Balanced Budget; Deficits for Last 3 Presidents: Clinton $1.6 trillion, Bush $4.3 trillion, Obama projected $9.1 trillion



Profession:Three Careers: 1. Farmer's Son; graduated as Electrical Engineer, 2. FAA Electronic Engr, Aerospace Engr; 3. Candidate
Aerospace Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration (not availa–not availa)


California State University at Fresno B.S., electrical engineering (1961)

Community Activities

Public Speaking, Toastmasters (1970–2000)

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Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Reduce Cost of Living by Reducing Cost of Government



The congress spends too much and our cost of living is too high because of the excesses of government. There is the constitution, as written and the one which the congress follows; with significant changes by the Supreme Court: we could eliminate our deficits and balance the budget by complying to constitution, as written.
Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate,


34 US Senate Candidates on the Ballot. 


The ballots vary; please examine your sample ballot to find the name of the candidate you choose. 


Reducing the Cost of Government 


Sample annual cost of our government:


1792:   Government annual cost  $.89 per person,


1900:   Government annual cost  $8.80 per person,


                               a reasonable increase.


2012:   Government annual cost  $7,793.33 per person,


                                             unreasonable increase.  


The curse of progressivism brought about the excessive cost of government. 


Government Costs that we Can and Must Reduce 


Our federal government must limit itself to the constitution, as written. This would probably solve many if not most of our problems. 


To reduce the cost of living we must reduce the cost of government:


·      We can and must stop policing the world, (instead of policing the world we could have missionaries reaching out to the world teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.)


·      We can and we must end our propensity to go to war at will, schools used to teach that we only went to war in self defense,


·      We can and we must end our occupation of about 800 bases in foreign countries, and another article pertaining to bases,


·      Terror Attacks are likely blowback from our excessive occupation of bases around the world, both of the above articles hint that foreign bases could be the cause of terror attacks,


·      We can and we must end all foreign aid,


·      We can and we must end all subsidies, domestic and foreign,


·      We can and we must terminate many federal government jobs and reduce pay significantly for the few workers that remain employed by the federal government.  


Our federal work force is compensated at a rate that is double the private sector. We cannot afford this excessive overhead. 


Constitution, as Written 


The constitution enumerates the powers that Congress shall have; Social Security is not included. A Supreme Court, however - coerced by FDR approved of Social Security in Helvering v. Davis,  U.S. Supreme Court, 1937, 301 U.S. 619. 


A friend at the Senior Center stated that he would starve if it wasn’t for Social Security. How soon we forget; our people lived in our country for 315 years without Social Security. In those early days the “free market” was alive and well, people knew how to earn and save.  


The virtually fatal blow to the “free market” came in 1913 with the enactment of the “Income Tax” and “The Federal Reserve System.” Our free market was derailed.  


To get our country back on track we must phase out Social Security, and other progressive programs, repeal the “Federal Reserve System” and replace the Income Tax with a Federal Sales Tax that applies to all documented sales, no exceptions.   


When interest rates are restored to natural law rates almost any person can save for retirement AND beat Social Security returns. 


The constitution does not enumerate power to Congress to finance or manage health care or education or welfare. 


Medical Care 


We must phase out all federal medical programs. In the 50’s a doctor visit was $5 with no health insurance. In 1960 the cost for childbirth, without health insurance was $150 for doctor and $150 for hospital. 




Harvard was established over 150 years before the constitution was adopted; the constitution (as written) gives NO power to the Congress to finance or manage education.  


The entire “Department of Education” should be repealed; and the federal government must end all education subsidies.  Its usefulness is questionable 


We must restore the “free market” which led us to the healthiest, most robust economy of all time. The free market brought us from our infancy to the greatest country of all time. But now we are dying. Rome collapsed partially from excess taxes. 


We are in our 59th year without a balanced budget; the last three presidents and their deficits: Clinton $1.6 trillion, Bush $4.3 trillion and Obama projected, $9.1 trillion.  


In 2007 and 2010 our deficits were so high that if the IRS taxed us at 100% we would still have had a deficit. 


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Too Many People Unemployed


Our unemployment rate is almost 23%, not 5% and the federal government has made jobs harder to create with its excessive regulations.

We must repeal welfare and use the hunger stimulus to urge people to work.

Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate,

34 US Senate Candidates on the Ballot.


The ballots vary; please examine your sample ballot to find the name of the candidate you choose.


More Jobs, Repeal Federal Welfare


The God given stimulus of hunger and the desire to be a part of something fruitful are adequate stimuli that get many of us up in the morning and motivate us to work. There is a good reason to want everyone working; those not working are overhead costs to those who work.


The current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report unemployment for March 2016 as 5% of the work force. The BLS report is misleading. (This referenced article was written when unemployment was reported as 5.6%). They call it the big lie.


The United States UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is about 23% of our workforce; this is near “depression” levels of unemployment. Our entrepreneurs have a mammoth job to do to create the appropriate volume of jobs, but that is the American way. We can do it: IF we can remove a few Road Blocks.


Having a job brings hope and self confidence and thoughts for a positive future. Jobs can also help people stay out of trouble.

We need enough jobs so that anyone who applies can find a job; that includes any person that lives here; citizens, non citizens, handicapped persons and felons.


Ships generally enter our ports full and leave relatively empty. Let’s fill those ships with our products - for foreign buyers. The ideal would be an annual balance of trade. Currently our trade deficit in January of 2016 was $45.7 billion.


The ROADBLOCKS preventing full employment:

1.   Federal welfare is the first roadblock to creating more jobs.

Congress, using federal welfare programs in 2012, diverted 17% of our government’s spending revenue to welfare recipients. If we are paying people not to work, why should they seek work?


Instead let’s work together and repeal all federal welfare; people’s hunger will urge them to become part of the work force.


Do we need a Safety Net? Yes! The Churches and Private Charities, with voluntary donations, together with cities, counties and states are trusted to help people be restored to productivity. Those same entities, together with families can be counted on to help those who are unable to work.


Welfare powers are NOT granted to the congress by our constitution. The Supreme Court Decision; Helvering v. Davis over rode the constitution and gave the government power to provide Welfare and Social Security: time and our present circumstances of having 59 straight years of deficits and in 2007 deficits so large that if the IRS seized all of our income they would still have a deficit. This statement also true for 2010 and likely true for all years since 2007.


I believe that the excessive spending must be stopped, to do that we must elect representatives and senators that care enough about the people to stop the spending malfeasance.  

2.   The second roadblock to job availability is the minimum wage which reduces employment: we must repeal the minimum wage; the only two people who have authority over wages are the job provider and the job applicant.


To make this work, we must reduce the cost of living; by reducing the cost of government. We kept the cost of government down until about 1898. Let’s examine and find out how they did it then. (An exercise for the reader.)


3.   The third roadblock is excessive unemployment insurance. We must remove this program from federal purview as this is not a power granted by constitution. Unemployment should be limited to two weeks.


4.   The fourth roadblock is excessive taxation of our businesses. While not covered here, a glimpse at the subject of repealing the income tax and replacing with a sales tax: every documented purchase by every person should be subjected to the proposed federal sales tax. (Every person should feel the results of voting for more or less government.)


5.  The fifth roadblock is that our wages must be such that we can manufacture here and sell to people in other countries. We must be able to compete with the world.


Our manufacturers must be able to produce products without subsidies. Subsidies are not “equal protection under the law.”


We can do it:

  • JOBS:



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Restore to "The Model That Worked"


The 19th Century of the United States of America were so successful that we rose to be a world power.

In the 20th Century we lost our way and are nearing our failure from excessive government spending and regulation; we can again flourish by getting back on a success track.

Andrew Jackson Democrat
Candidate for US Senate,


34 US Senate Candidates on the Ballot.

The ballots vary; please examine your sample ballot to find the name of the candidate you choose

Ballot Statement, with some Explanation 


The Model That Worked


Please Consider this History, the 1800s (a wonderful history that we should use as a model of recovery (revival) as a nation:


Democrat President Andrew Jackson balanced the federal budget 7 of his 8 years in office and  Jackson paid the federal debt down to zero dollars in 1835. Jackson also got rid of the "too powerful over the economy" national bank (We Must do the Same - we must repeal the Federal Reserve System).


Democrat President Franklin Pierce vetoed a WELFARE BILL; President Pierce in his extensive veto message, vetoes the bill because the Bill EXCEEDED the powers granted in the Constitution.


Democrat President – Grover Cleveland, in 1887, in one of his 584 vetoes, vetoed a farm subsidy bill. His message; I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution.


Cleveland added:  And I do not believe that the power and duty of the general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. A prevalent tendency to disregard the limited mission of this power and duty should, I think, be steadfastly resisted, to the end that the lesson should be constantly enforced that, though the people support the government, the government should not support the people.


The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.


These wise Democrat Presidents significantly complied with the constitution; AS WRITTEN.


The constitution limited the federal government to finance and manage the constitutional powers granted to Congress. (If we complied, today, we would use about 30% of our current budget.)


Our main federal income was a hidden tax (the tariff). No forms to file. Let’s restore that simple tax by repeal of the income tax and adding a federal sales tax. This tax would be applied to all documented sales including food purchases, home purchases and rent payments. To make this acceptable, we MUST reduce the cost of our federal government.


The cost of the federal government remained low; in 1835 "we the people" experienced a 3% federal tax rate; mostly paid via the tariffs. In 1900 the tax was still affordable at 3.26% and in 2012; 15.6%.


The democrat presidents were most compliant with the constitution; our wages were such that some of our products were competitive in the world market, without subsidies.


During those early years the wages were about a eight cents per hour, it is most important that you have money left after paying your expenses.


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