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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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November 8, 2016California General Election

Election Results

Statewide Results

  • 100% of precincts reporting.
  • Voter Turnout: 75.3%.

San Diego County Results

  • 100% of precincts reporting.
  • Voter Turnout: 81.5%.

Ballot Measures

State of California

Icon of the State

Prop. 51 — Bonds for School Facilities

Passed 7,516,142 votes yes (55.2%) 6,104,294 votes no (44.8%)

Authorizes $9 billion in general obligation bonds for new construction and modernization of K-12 public school facilities; charter schools and vocational education facilities; and California Community Colleges facilities. 

Prop. 52 — Private Hospital Fees for Medi-Cal

Passed 9,427,714 votes yes (70.1%) 4,026,710 votes no (29.9%)

This proposition is both an Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. It extends indefinitely an existing statute that imposes fees on hospitals to fund Medi-Cal health care services, care for uninsured patients, and children’s health coverage.

Prop. 53 — Public Vote on Revenue Bonds

Failed 6,508,909 votes yes (49.4%) 6,660,555 votes no (50.6%)

Requires statewide voter approval before any revenue bonds can be issued or sold by the state for certain projects if the bond amount exceeds $2 billion.

Prop. 54 — Changes to the Legislative Process

Passed 8,607,266 votes yes (65.4%) 4,559,903 votes no (34.6%)

This proposition prohibits the Legislature from passing any bill unless published on the Internet for 72 hours before a vote; requires the Legislature to record its proceedings and post them on the Internet; and it authorizes the use of recordings.

Prop. 55 — Extend Tax on High Income

Passed 8,594,273 votes yes (63.3%) 4,988,329 votes no (36.7%)

Extends by twelve years the temporary personal income tax increases enacted in 2012 on earnings over $250,000, with revenues allocated to K-12 schools, California Community Colleges, and, in certain years, healthcare. 

Prop. 56 — Tobacco Tax

Passed 8,980,448 votes yes (64.4%) 4,957,994 votes no (35.6%)

This proposition increases cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack, with equivalent increase on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes containing nicotine.

Prop. 57 — Parole, Sentencing and Court Procedures

Passed 8,790,723 votes yes (64.5%) 4,847,354 votes no (35.5%)

This proposition is both an Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. It allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons; authorizes sentence credits for rehabilitation, good behavior, and education; and provides that a juvenile court judge decides whether a juvenile will be prosecuted as adult.

Prop. 58 — English Language Education

Passed 9,994,454 votes yes (73.5%) 3,598,855 votes no (26.5%)

Preserves requirement that public schools ensure students obtain English language proficiency. Requires school districts to solicit parent/community input in developing language acquisition programs. Requires instruction to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as possible. Authorizes school districts to establish dual-language immersion programs for both native and non-native English speakers.

Prop. 59 — Political Spending Advisory Question

Passed 6,845,943 votes yes (53.2%) 6,027,084 votes no (46.8%)

Asks whether California’s elected officials should use their authority to propose and ratify an amendment to the federal Constitution overturning the United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Citizens United ruled that laws placing certain limits on political spending by corporations and unions are unconstitutional.

Prop. 60 — Condoms in Adult Films

Failed 6,168,388 votes yes (46.3%) 7,146,039 votes no (53.7%)

Requires adult film performers to use condoms during filming of sexual intercourse. Requires producers to pay for performer vaccinations, testing, and medical examinations. Requires producers to post condom requirement at film sites.

Prop. 61 — Prescription Drug Costs

Failed 6,254,342 votes yes (46.8%) 7,109,642 votes no (53.2%)

Prohibits state from buying any prescription drug from a drug manufacturer at price over lowest price paid for the drug by United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Exempts managed care programs funded through Medi-Cal.

Prop. 62 — Repealing the Death Penalty

Failed 6,361,788 votes yes (46.8%) 7,218,625 votes no (53.2%)

Repeals death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Applies retroactively to existing death sentences. Increases the portion of life inmates’ wages that may be applied to victim restitution. 

Prop. 63 — Gun and Ammunition Sales

Passed 8,663,159 votes yes (63.1%) 5,070,772 votes no (36.9%)

Requires background check and Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition. Prohibits possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines. Establishes procedures for enforcing laws prohibiting firearm possession by specified persons. Requires Department of Justice’s participation in federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System. 

Prop. 64 — Making Recreational Marijuana Legal

Passed 7,979,041 votes yes (57.1%) 5,987,020 votes no (42.9%)

Legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults 21 or older. Imposes state taxes on sales and cultivation. Provides for industry licensing and establishes standards for marijuana products. Allows local regulation and taxation.

Prop. 65 — Money from Carry-Out Bags

Failed 6,222,547 votes yes (46.1%) 7,276,478 votes no (53.9%)

Redirects money collected by grocery and certain other retail stores through mandated sale of carryout bags. Requires stores to deposit bag sale proceeds into a special fund to support specified environmental projects. 

Prop. 66 — Death Penalty Court Procedures

Passed 6,626,159 votes yes (51.1%) 6,333,731 votes no (48.9%)

Changes procedures governing state court challenges to death sentences. Designates superior court for initial petitions and limits successive petitions. Requires appointed attorneys who take noncapital appeals to accept death penalty appeals. Exempts prison officials from existing regulation process for developing execution methods. 

Prop. 67 — Plastic Bag Ban

Passed 7,228,900 votes yes (53.3%) 6,340,322 votes no (46.7%)

A “Yes” vote approves, and a “No” vote rejects, a statute that prohibits grocery and other stores from providing customers single-use plastic or paper carryout bags but permits sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags.

Icon of buildings and a farm for County

San Diego County
Ballot Measures

Measure A

Failing 720,158 votes yes (58.37%) 513,646 votes no (41.63%)

Shall an ordinance be adopted to: repair roads, deteriorating bridges; relieve congestion; provide every community funds for pothole/street repairs; expand public transit, including improved services for seniors, disabled, students, veterans; reduce polluted runoff; preserve open space to protect water quality/reduce wildfires by enacting, with independent oversight/audits, a 40-year, half-cent local sales tax ($308 million annually) that Sacramento cannot take away?

Measure B

Failing 422,322 votes yes (36.46%) 735,894 votes no (63.54%)

Shall this Initiative be adopted for the purpose of amending the County General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Code of Regulatory Ordinances and approving the Lilac Hills Ranch Specific Plan ("Plan")? The Plan provides for the development of a 608-acre master-planned community including 1,746 dwelling units, three commercial centers, a public park, 10 private parks and 16 miles of trails. The project site is generally located north of Escondido and east of I-15 in the unincorporated area of North San Diego County.

Icon of buildings

City of San Diego
Ballot Measures

Measure C — ["The Convadium Plan" or "The Chargers' Plan"]

Failing 237,597 votes yes (43.64%) 306,887 votes no (56.36%)

Should the measure be adopted to: increase San Diego's hotel occupancy tax by 6% to build a City-owned downtown professional football stadium and convention center project, and fund tourism marketing; effect the project financing, design, construction, use, management, and maintenance, including a $650,000,000 contribution and 30-year commitment by a professional football entity; end Tourism Marketing District assessments; adopt a development ordinance, and related land use, sign, and zoning laws?

This measure's approval threshold could be affected by legal issues currently before the California Supreme Court.

Measure D — ["The Briggs Citizens Plan"]

Failing 211,739 votes yes (41.12%) 303,144 votes no (58.88%)

Should the measure be adopted to: among other provisions, increase San Diego's hotel occupancy tax up to 5%; end Tourism Marketing District; allow hoteliers to create assessment districts and use hotel occupancy taxes for a downtown convention center and not a stadium; prohibit onsite expansion of existing convention center; create downtown overlay zone for convention and sports facilities; create environmental processes; and allow Qualcomm stadium property's sale for educational and park uses?

This measure's approval threshold could be affected by legal issues currently before the California Supreme Court.

Measure E

Passing 419,748 votes yes (87.06%) 62,400 votes no (12.94%)

Shall the Charter be amended to include a new article adding: incapacity, felony conviction, and removal as grounds for vacancies in office; a procedure for calling a special election to remove an officer for cause; a revised procedure for filling vacancies; to require the City Attorney be a licensed attorney; and to define authority during vacancies and enforcement of office forfeiture?

Measure F

Passing 317,803 votes yes (68.27%) 147,720 votes no (31.73%)

Shall the City Charter be amended to change the term of service required of Deputy City Attorneys, for protection from termination or suspension without good cause, from two years or more of continuous service to one year or more of continuous service, which protection would continue not to apply to layoffs due to lack of work or insufficient appropriations?

Measure G

Passing 404,803 votes yes (83.09%) 82,372 votes no (16.91%)

Shall section 43(d) of the City Charter be amended to rename the Citizens' Review Board on Police Practices as the Community Review Board on Police Practices, to replace references to "City Manager" with "Mayor and City Council," and to require the board to review all deaths occurring while someone is in the custody of the San Diego Police Department and all police officer-related shootings?

Measure H

Passing 360,127 votes yes (77.09%) 107,047 votes no (22.91%)

Shall the City Charter be amended to: require contracts for public works, goods, services, and consultants to be awarded through a competitive process in accordance with rules adopted by ordinance, remove the position of Purchasing Agent, eliminate the requirement to publish certain notices in printed newspapers, and update other provisions consistent with state law?

Measure I

Passing 383,025 votes yes (77.92%) 108,565 votes no (22.08%)

Shall City Charter section 55 be amended to authorize the City Council to lease the dedicated park property in Balboa Park currently occupied by San Diego High School, to the San Diego Unified School District for educational, cultural, recreational, and civic programs and activities, provided that the property is used for a public high school?

Measure J

Passing 336,810 votes yes (71.1%) 136,933 votes no (28.9%)

Shall Charter section 55.2 be amended to: increase, from 25% to 35%, the allocation of annual Mission Bay Park lease revenues exceeding $20 million, for capital improvements in San Diego Regional Parks; allow Council to add City-owned parkland to Mission Bay Park's boundaries; combine and coordinate construction of Mission Bay Park improvements identified in this section; and extend operation of this section until 2069?

Measure K

Passing 280,075 votes yes (59.03%) 194,412 votes no (40.97%)

Shall the Charter be amended to eliminate the provision that elects a candidate for Mayor, City Attorney, or Councilmember to office if the candidate receives a majority vote in the June primary election, and instead require a run-off election at the November general election between the two candidates who received the most votes in the primary election?

Measure L

Passing 305,638 votes yes (65.79%) 158,911 votes no (34.21%)

Shall the Charter be amended to require qualified citizens' initiative and referendum measures to be submitted to voters on the next November general election ballot and not at a June primary election, unless the Council chooses to submit the measure to voters prior to that election?

Measure M

Passing 328,588 votes yes (66.41%) 166,171 votes no (33.59%)

Shall the voters increase by 38,680 the maximum number of housing units the City and certain other public agencies are allowed to help develop, construct, or acquire for people with low incomes, without this ballot measure approving specific housing units, providing funds for development, removing requirements that otherwise apply, or taking any other action?

Measure N

Passing 351,088 votes yes (68.68%) 160,109 votes no (31.32%)

If California voters approve Proposition 64 legalizing marijuana in the state, shall the City adopt an ordinance imposing a gross receipts tax, for general revenue purposes, on non-medical cannabis (also known as marijuana) businesses operating in the City, initially set at 5% and increasing to 8% on July 1, 2019, having a maximum rate of 15%, generating an undetermined amount of revenue and continuing indefinitely?

City of Carlsbad
Ballot Measures

Measure O

Do the voters of the City of Carlsbad approve spending existing city funds from various sources, including the General Fund, in an amount to exceed $1 million to construct a replacement Fire Station 2 located at the intersection of El Camino Real and Arenal Road for an estimated cost range of $7 million up to $10.5 million?

City of Chula Vista
Ballot Measures

Measure P

Passing 64,704 votes yes (68.43%) 29,845 votes no (31.57%)

To repair neighborhood streets and sidewalks, replace storm drains to prevent sinkholes, update police, paramedic and 9-1-1 equipment and facilities, improve parks, repair recreation facilities, and for general city services and infrastructure, shall the City of Chula Vista adopt an ordinance enacting a temporary ½ cent sales tax, generating an estimated $16 million per year, expiring in 10 years, with no further increases without voter approval, with all funds staying in Chula Vista, requiring citizen oversight and independent audits?

City of Del Mar
Ballot Measures

Measure Q

Passing 1,732 votes yes (66.54%) 871 votes no (33.46%)

To provide funding for general city services and infrastructure projects, such as improvement of streets and sidewalks, utility undergrounding, public landscapes, improvement of community parks, trails and recreation facilities; police, crime prevention, fire prevention and other public safety services, shall an ordinance that establishes an ongoing one-cent sales tax be adopted, providing an estimated 2 million dollars annually for the City of Del Mar, requiring citizen oversight and independent audits, and all funds controlled locally?

Measure R

Shall the ordinance which proposes to amend the Del Mar Community Plan, Housing Element, and Municipal Code to require voter approval for certain development projects be adopted?

City of El Cajon
Ballot Measures

Measure S

Passing 18,671 votes yes (69.16%) 8,327 votes no (30.84%)

Do you approve amending Section 201 of the City of El Cajon Charter to require election of City Council members by geographic districts in which they reside beginning with the general municipal election to be held in 2018?

City of Encinitas
Ballot Measures

Measure T — [The "At Home in Encinitas" Plan]

Failing 14,144 votes yes (44.08%) 17,943 votes no (55.92%)

Shall City Council Resolution No. 2016-52 and Ordinance No. 2016-04, which collectively update the City's General Plan Housing Element, amend related General Plan provisions, and amend Specific Plans, Zoning Code, Zoning Map, Municipal Code, and Local Coastal Program, in an effort to comply with State law, incentivize greater housing affordability, implement rules to protect the character of existing neighborhoods, maintain local control of Encinitas zoning, and resolve existing lawsuits, be adopted?

City of La Mesa
Ballot Measures

Measure U

Passing 13,322 votes yes (52.97%) 11,829 votes no (47.03%)

Shall the Ordinance amending the La Mesa Municipal Code to authorize and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, and the cultivating and manufacturing of medical marijuana, in the City of La Mesa, be adopted?

City of Lemon Grove
Ballot Measures

Measure V

Passing 4,741 votes yes (50.48%) 4,651 votes no (49.52%)

Shall an Ordinance to Rescind the prohibition of Marijuana Dispensaries and Add the Medical Marijuana Regulatory Ordinance to the Lemon Grove Municipal Code be adopted?

City of Poway
Ballot Measures

Measure W

Failing 11,319 votes yes (48.54%) 11,999 votes no (51.46%)

Do you approve Specific Plan Amendment 16-002 as adopted by the Poway City Council to amend the Old Coach Golf Estates Specific Plan, to allow development of a hotel with up to 240 rooms on the existing Maderas Golf Course site located at 17750 Old Coach Road?

Special District
Icon of a bridge and a road

Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District
Ballot Measures

Measure X

Failing 97,061 votes yes (53.8%) 83,366 votes no (46.2%)

To repair classrooms/labs, prepare veterans, workers/students for technology, business, science/ other jobs, construct Workforce Training Center, support East County economic development, remove asbestos/lead paint, repair gas, electrical/sewer lines, repair, acquire, construct facilities, sites/equipment, shall Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District issue $348,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, no money for administrators' salaries, independent audits, citizen oversight, all funds used locally?

Southwestern Community College District
Ballot Measures

Measure Z

Passing 115,479 votes yes (70.46%) 48,411 votes no (29.54%)

To repair/ upgrade local community college campuses, prepare students/ veterans for jobs/ university transfer, repair deteriorating roofs, electrical wiring, gas, water/ sewer lines, remove asbestos/ lead paint, improve energy efficiency/ campus safety/ security, upgrade, acquire, repair, construct classrooms/ labs/ sites/ facilities/ equipment, shall Southwestern Community College District issue $400 million in bonds at legal rates, no money for administrators' salaries/ pensions, independent audits, citizen oversight, all funds used locally?

Fallbrook Union High School District
Ballot Measures

Measure AA

Passing 11,279 votes yes (64.73%) 6,145 votes no (35.27%)

Without increasing tax rates, shall Fallbrook Union High School District repair and upgrade aging classrooms and school facilities, including deteriorating roofs, plumbing and electrical systems; improve campus safety/security; upgrade career-training facilities, classrooms, and science labs supporting instruction in math, engineering, technology, science and skilled trades preparing students to be college and career ready; by issuing $45,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with independent citizens oversight, annual audits, no money for administrators, and all funds staying local?

Grossmont Union High School District
Ballot Measures

Measure BB

Passing 105,700 votes yes (60%) 70,458 votes no (40%)

To upgrade East County high school classrooms/labs/facilities; repair aging roofs, plumbing/electrical systems; modernize technology infrastructure; improve student safety/security; replace deteriorated portables; construct new school facilities to accommodate growth; and renovate career-training facilities for instruction in science, technology, engineering, math and skilled trades; shall Grossmont Union High School District issue $128,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with independent citizen oversight, annual audits, no funding for administrator salaries, and all money benefitting East County high schools?

Sweetwater Union High School District
Ballot Measures

Measure CC

Passing 131,550 votes yes (84.98%) 23,248 votes no (15.02%)

Shall the Members of the Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees be limited to two (2) terms of office?

Bonsall Unified School District
Ballot Measures

Measure DD

Failing 4,204 votes yes (50.63%) 4,099 votes no (49.37%)

To construct and equip a new high school; install emergency communication systems; reduce traffic hazards for increased student safety; upgrade power/electrical systems; provide health/fitness facilities for student/community use; repair leaky pipes/deteriorating roofs; and replace temporary buildings with permanent classrooms; shall Bonsall Unified School District issue $58 million of bonds with interest rates below legal limits, independent citizen oversight, and all funds spent locally and not taken by the State and spent elsewhere?

Cajon Valley Union School District
Ballot Measures

Measure EE

Passing 30,406 votes yes (57.16%) 22,787 votes no (42.84%)

To increase student access to computers; maintain and upgrade educational technology; keep pace with 21st century technological innovations; implement statewide technology requirements for testing and learning; and significantly reduce borrowing costs, shall Cajon Valley Union School District issue $20,000,000 of shortterm bonds with the interest rates at or below the legal limit, independent citizen oversight, and no money for administrator/teacher salaries, so long as all funds are spent locally and cannot be taken by the State?

Cardiff Elementary School District
Ballot Measures

Measure GG

Passing 3,994 votes yes (65.94%) 2,063 votes no (34.06%)

To improve the quality of education with local funding that cannot be taken by the State; modernize/construct classrooms, restrooms and school facilities; repair/replace roofs; renovate deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems; upgrade inadequate electrical systems; make health, safety, and energy efficiency improvements; and replace portables with permanent classrooms; shall Cardiff Elementary School District issue $22 million of bonds at legal interest rates, have an independent citizens' oversight committee, and have NO money used for administrative or teacher salaries?

National Elementary School District
Ballot Measures

Measure HH

Passing 11,772 votes yes (83.15%) 2,386 votes no (16.85%)

To repair and rebuild aging classrooms and facilities throughout the District; meet handicapped access requirements; increase student access to computers/technology; repair roofs; and improve campus security and student loading zones for increased safety; shall National School District be authorized to issue $30 million of bonds with interest rates below legal limits, annual audits, independent citizens' oversight, no money for administrative salaries and all funds spent locally and not taken by the State and used elsewhere?

Solana Beach Elementary School District
Ballot Measures

Measure JJ

Passing 11,776 votes yes (65.75%) 6,135 votes no (34.25%)

To replace or upgrade aging, outdated classrooms, science labs, libraries, and school buildings; restore deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and electrical systems; improve student safety and campus security; and, provide students access to educational facilities, science, and technology needed to prepare for high school, college, and careers, and qualify for State grants, shall School Facilities Improvement District No. 2016-1 of the Solana Beach School District issue $105,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with annual audits, a citizen's oversight committee, and NO money for administrators' salaries?

Rincon Ranch Community Services District
Ballot Measures

Measure KK

Failing 44 votes yes (55%) 36 votes no (45%)

Shall the Rincon Ranch Community Services District be authorized to establish and levy a special tax override, on all taxable real property within its boundaries for the purpose of providing funds for repair and resurface of the roads maintained by the District, with this special tax not to exceed five dollars and twenty cents ($5.20) per acre, or portion thereof, plus one hundred fifty dollars ($150) per parcel of land per year with a provision for an annual increase not to exceed the annual Engineering News Record (ENR) for the prior year?

Miracosta Community College District
Ballot Measures

Measure MM

Passing 104,493 votes yes (62.39%) 62,992 votes no (37.61%)

To upgrade classrooms and career training facilities for science, healthcare, technology, advanced manufacturing, other growing local industries, provide job training/placement to Navy/ Marines/ other veterans, improve access to affordable higher education to local students, improve disabled access, repair, construct, acquire classrooms, facilities, sites/equipment, shall MiraCosta Community College District issue $455,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, subject to local control, requiring annual audits, and independent citizen oversight?

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