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Tuesday November 8, 2022 — California General Election
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City of OaklandCandidate for Mayor

Photo of Peter Y. Liu

Peter Y. Liu

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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Teaching people how to make $30K a month with my get rich quick platform CESP5.
  • Giant waterslide, zip lines, bounce houses, horsey rides, BBQ grills at Lake Merritt, turn all sizeable parks in Oakland unique theme parks.
  • Make Oakland the #1 for Sex and Romance unrivalled in the Western Hemisphere.



UCSC BA History, U.S. (2002)
U.S. Defense Information School Journalism, Photography, News writing (2002)


Peter Y. Liu came to Oakland from China at seven in 1987, he hates schools, he went to UCSC to play 3D shooting video games in 1998, afterwards, he went to the U.S. Army to do some real shooting in Iraq in 2003.

Peter Y. Liu, self-made multimillionaire, 100% service-connected combat veteran, Entertainer wants GIANT WATERSLIDES, horsey rides, bounce houses, premium BBQ grills and ziplines across Lake Merritt. Turn all sizable parks in Oakland into unique theme park attractions drawing tourists worldwide, making Oakland #1 premier destination for Sex and Romance unrivalled in the western hemisphere! Wants Oaklanders to be rich and prosperous, drawing inspiration from role models rapper Future and Elon Musk, multiple baby mamas. Liu featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2014 talking about his Community Empowered Safety Plan, includes teaching people how to be rich the legal way with his get rich quick scheme #CESP5 known worldwide. Liu arrested for protecting own real estate commercial property, held squatters at gunpoint nighttime. Alameda County DA didn't charge cuz I am FAMOUS. There should be no arrests on property owners nor good Samaritans defending life and/or real property.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

God bestow I, Peter Y. Liu, to be the World's Smartest Leader at the Ziggurat of Ur, Iraq.

Universities are obsolete, I will teach people worldwide how to be wealthy, successful with my get quick rich scheme, CESP5.

Fishing should be allowed at Lake Merritt, it is better than having it killed by algae blooms.

To avoid abortion, for women who don't want to raise children, they should be allowed auction off their baby at birthplace Hospital for $100K to $2M to adoptive parent(s) or biological father at (1/2) bid advantage.

Prostitution should be legalized worldwide, sexual freedom is a natural right.  Think of all the widower/single senior men in their 70s, 80s, they need sex too.

Concealed carry weapon is a consitutional right that is being restricted by unjust unconstitutional ordinances/statutes.

World Peace is obstainable if leaders of the world adopts Liu's 

Community Empowered Safety Plan
  1. New police chief will readily issue conceal carry permit to lawful city business owners, their workers or residents age 21+ who have clean background - Reality is the police canʼt protect them neither in peacetime nor a riot.
  2. For every person caught with an illegal gun (stolen, serial scratched off, ineligible felon, etc.) obtain search warrants ASAP for their residences to get more illegal guns, find fingerprints on those guns, match in FBI databases for suspect straw purchasers for more potential arrests.
  3. Install mandatory surveillance in medium and high crime areas. Surveillance footage will be accessible real time via internet to lawful city residents with login and password.
  4. New policing strategy involve more community participation. Each officer will setup and advise a neighborhood watch that has about 7 to 25 volunteer members led by a team leader voted by the members. They will meet once a month to discuss issues affecting the neighborhood and the officer will be present as needed to give advice. Once the city declares an emergency, all neighborhood volunteers will be notified to prepare for best course of action to protect themselves or neighborhood which includes evacuation orders.
  5. Start a business center to teach small businesses entrepreneurship to city residents. “How to brainstorm a business suitable to the individual, how to make a business plan, obtain a business license, market their services or products, etc.”


Position Papers




COVID19 is a fake disease, combination of seasonal Flu, Cold, and pneumonia rebranded as COVID19 to scare people into government authoritarianism submission. The Chinese use it to subjugate Hong Kong and mostly cantonese speaking provinces that are anti-Mandarin. The Brits, Canadians, Australians, etc. use it for politican crackdown on free speech, and political opposition, especially on antiwar protesters. The U.S.A. politicians and celebrities know it to be fake sh!t too, as soon as the camera is off, these mothercrackers took off their masks to sip champaqne while dancing to the sound of FBI raiding Donny Trump's crib in Florida. Why are doctors in the scheme? They make TONS of MONEY just from doing COVID TESTS, giving out relabeled vitamins as COVID medications.

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Meet Oakland Mayoral Candidate Peter Y. Liu — September 9, 2022 ABC News

Giant Waterslide

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